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Faye introduces new videos frequently.  Faye will answer all questions in her videos or on her blog, but if you need a personal response please text her at 301-580-5555.

Brushes are important for the professional look in makeup.  The correct brush makes the application easy. 
Faye sells specially selected brushes that are perfect for your makeup application.

After this demonstration you may click to go to Faye's Web Store to see her brushes.

The Perfect Brush

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unce my wrinkles? IF not, how much 

Lauri Hillebrand
4 hours ago
Faye, I love your new blog. The videos are great. Keep them coming! Sue
Hi Lauri, Thank you for your inquiry. I am glad we face timed and I had the opportunity to teach you the art of Concealing! Please feel free calling me or texting me with any questions. Yay for you for caring about your appearance. Looking good is the first step of feeling good. Virtual hugs, Faye
Apr 6, 2020
Loved our chat on the phone. I am sending you out the bet products for you with a detailed description of how to use them. Enjoy. Faye
In Response to a comment by lh721
Faye - what are all the products you used including the concealer minus the oil (which I love!) and the gel liner and brush? Will this pronounce my wrinkles? IF not, how much all bundled? Thanks, Lauri Hillebrand

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